Spongebob describes every Radiohead album


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The key problem with Radiohead is that they named themselves after a song by David Byrne’s Talking Heads. Don’t name yourself after a work by a far better artist. It’s just embarrassing.


He was a little hard on OK Computer, I think.


I think that you forgot the /s. Either that or you really don’t get good music.


Or more likely, that you haven’t watched Stop Making Sense and True Stories. I only wish that I had the opportunity to see Talking Heads live.


Talking Heads: Art students who became good musicians.

Radiohead: Good musicians who became art students.




Have you seen Byrne live? Oh man he is amazing, I saw him maybe 7 or so years ago when he kicked off a tour in Baltimore (his hometown, woot!) and it was like, ohmyglob.


Was that the Byrne plays Eno tour? I was there in Baltimore, and am very glad I went.

But to the point of naming your band after a TH song, why that one? There are so many better than Radiohead.


I’ve never watched Spongebob and this is goddamn hilarious.

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