"The" in band names


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No mention of The The?


Or the various Billy Childish and 60s garage rock “Thee” bands.

Came here to say this, leaving satisfied. This omission pretty much invalidates the entire article for me.

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I hate when people call them The The The.


How about The La’s?

One of my favorite groups has gone by “The Prodigy” and just “Prodigy”.

Which group was that?



Slow news day? Not enough tear gas for ya?

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After the Band Clone Wars, I ran into a The The almost every day. A Thee Thee was one of the worst, until I encountered THE Thee Thee. ::shudder::

I had often been told that the name of a particular band was just ‘Manic Street Preachers’, but they introduced themselves with a ‘The’ at Glastonbury this year. And they were bloody amazing.

The Definite Article <-- great band name


For a long time I was confused by the sexual ambivalence suggested by Cole Porter’s Les Girls.

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The article discussed the vowel problem with the band “Eagles”, a band that doesn’t have a name prefixed by a definite article. However, we often apply one in use - even the band does. That’s evidenced by their album covers. Where the band name leads the titling, there is no “The” - it’s only when additional text is included that “THE” gets added (a capped “The” being appropriate for title format). So you get confusion:



This is confusing enough that the wikipage for the band actually appeared as part of a question sequence on Only Connect. I can’t remember the other three clues involved, but the lateral link was that all of them were pages frequently contested on Wikipedia. Eagles was clued as:

The Eagles

Currently, the wikipage seems to use the name correctly applying a definite article before the name at the start of a paragraph (“The Eagles are . . .”) while using “Eagles (band)” as a header. “The Eagles” searched redirects to the “the-less” page. It’s a reasonable compromise.


The “in” band names.

“The” plays hell with my file sorting and subsequent file re-locating.

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So not all that definite.

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Absolutely no one has mentioned The Band so far? What the’s wrong with you people???

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Every once in a while it’s The The. Of course, it’s policy never to say your The The. We have to use the indefinite article, a The The, The The The never … your The The.

@Willondon sorry, sometimes policy dictates The The The

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