"She flung her anus high up in the air..." and other OCR mistakes


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Mrs. Tipton went over to him and put her anus around his neck.
They just need to uncheck the Burroughsification box in the ocr software.

The phrase, “TURN AROUND WITH YOUR ARMS UP!” in an old prison novel may still leave one wondering whether there’s been an OCR mistake or not…

It can be a bit traumatic to have an arm where your anus should be.

Well this just casts doubt on my entire google books education about French Large-bore breech-loading Fire-anus.


keming - result of bad kerning


Scholars will now argue that macho man Hemingway actually renounced early homosexual tendencies, since he wrote the novel “A Farewell to Anus.”


‘Over The Top’ is a heartfelt action thriller in which Sylvester Stallone plays a professional anus wrestler.


My first experience of eBooks was on a Compaq iPAQ which came bundled with a free eBook to demonstrate the wonder of the technology. Why Compaq’s marketing people picked a poorly formatted, badly transcribed eBook which not only had OCR errors throughout but also had a completely execrable plot totally escapes me. I guess that’s why they were Compaq and not Apple. Let’s not do things well, folk, let’s do things as cheaply and quickly as possible and to hell with the result.

I first encountered this when I decided to read Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Shadow” on my tablet. (Yes, I purchased the physical book as well, and no, the electronic copy was not from an authorized DRM source). On several occasions the novel said that Bean laid his head on his anus. I tried to picture how very flexible this kid must have been. Bio-engineered indeed…


It’s not just e-books…

I recently re-read Dune (the hardcover edition published by Ace circa 2005) and was surprised by the 10 or 20 spelling mistakes present. They’re clearly the result of OCR error since they were all proper words (e.g., “car” for “ear”, “hurling” instead of “hurting”, etc.).

It got me wondering about how the original works are stored?

“Click here to download Belladonna’s first arm video!”


History Lesson: During the Cold War the USA and Russia were involved in an ANUS Race that would have lead to mutually assured destruction.

Politics: All ANUS dealers should be required to run background checks before selling ANUS to Americans.

Reactions: His statements had his coworkers all up in ANUS about the issue.

Technology: Many modern factories use robotic ANUS to assemble products.

Conclusion…ANUS makes anything funnier!


This may require a re-reading of the second amendment.


Christ what an asshole.


The Anus-to-Iraq scandal helped cause the downfall of John Major’s Conservative government.

I love you all, I don’t think I have laughed so hard at a group of comments in a very long time.

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How many times has the nuclear anus race nearly led to armageddon?


He screamed in tenor” was my favorite OCR error in a book I recently proofed. Sadly even if Dune existed in some kind of digital form, the chances that any modern software could even open it are slim. Word can’t even open old Word documents - and when it can, it adds many extra lines of garbage. I expect publishing programs are no better in dealing with older files - you simply can’t trust what you get when an old file is opened. Paper appears to be the most archival format available.


Driving nails into his arms?