Shell Bullshits Us Again

There is no longer any hope that Shell executives will ever change. Lock them all up.


I guess you would say it’s been a… :dark_sunglasses:shell game?

Anyway, yeah, our home planet is dying because it’s infested by capitalists. :disappointed:


but does it emit more money than it’s captured :thinking:


CCS is the equivalent of safe cigarettes.

The industry will keep plugging it because CCS is the smallest change they can imagine. I live in an (Australian) state with huge reserves of brown coal and the state government - otherwise a progressive one - is still throwing money at this bullshit in the hope that it will save the industry.

At least there’s still a strong focus on supporting workforce transition and the coal mining towns are slowly repositioning to renewables. The region is close to some of the windiest offshore locations and the existing transmission infrastructure means it should be an obvious location for offshore wind farms. But they’re still pissing money up a wall on this bullshit.


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