Largest coal-fired power plant is shutting down. What will Trump do now?


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“What will Trump do now?”

Ban fracking?


he’ll refuse to do that because it would make environmental activists way too happy


Well the sensible thing would be to retrain coal industry workers


So, he won’t do that.


Are you implying that The Great Immaculate Orange One Whose Droppings Are the Elixir of Life will propose a Great Leap Backwards? Every household will be required to install a backyard coal-fired power plant.


Yes, all that and a bag of chips too.


Too soon?


Several years ago when there was a big push to use the more energy efficient florescent bulbs conservatives freaked out about it, arguing about how they needed the “freedom” to use more wasteful incandescent bulbs, but also suddenly being concerned with the environment-- the florescent bulbs have mercury in them. Surprisingly they never seemed to care about coal, which is the main source of mercury in our environment.

Did I say “surprisingly”? Sorry, it’s not surprising at all.


Change is already happening in the middle of coalcountry WVa.

But I guess it’s not the jerbs that they want.


Trump needs to make sure the coal industry stays big enough to keep me fueled with New Haven apizza…



But the birds!! The noise!!! blah blah blah other reasons I don’t want it!


Neither is environmentally friendly but I’d take coal over fracking any day of the week. Sure, coal causes air pollution but it isn’t screwing with the water table or causing earthquakes, as far as I know. Shoot, I’d probably even prefer nuclear because it’s super efficient, although there’s always the issue of disposing the waste. I don’t think solar or wind could create enough energy to supply the country with electricity unless you had windmills and solar panels absolutely everywhere.


Mmmm ok.


Solar area needed to power the US


Pivot to oil and gas by advancing pipeline approvals.


You haven’t even looked at the maths, then.

Hint - not all that much. And no, that doesn’t mean it is trivial, it just means it isn’t utterly implausible. Unlike, for example, “bringing back all the coal jobs”


The solution is obvious. He’s going to have to heavily subsidize both industries. It’s what any free-market conservative would do.


trump will wave his itty bitty hands in the air and yell Benghazi Clinton emails Obama did some shit…his adoring followers will stare at each other in amazement at how bright he is and the repub congress will suck more money away from something of value and subsidize other dead dinosaurs. Fucker is brilliant!