Wyoming bill prohibits power companies from using renewables


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The drumpf gets elected and the madness starts leaking from the woodwork.

Is there at least correlation? I think so.


But shouldn’t the market decide what form of energy production is best? [/faux naïvity]


yeah, shouldn’t the “free market” the right wing goes on about decide this? Oh wait, that would hurt the current people so we can’t have that!


Only when the invisible hand of the market is the right hand.



Wyoming should also invest in these at the same time. Seems fair.


Because freedom!


But as you libtards love to point out, sometimes the Invisible Hand needs the guidance of good government.


Don’t you see, They want to prevent the free market in electricity from acquiring the same left-wing bias that makes reality so inconvenient.


It’s very simple. Libertarians are in favour of a free market. Republicans are in favour of a free* market.

The distinction is hard to spot. Sometimes you will even find alleged libertarians advocating (slyly, without admitting it) for a free* market.

(* as long as it is advantageous to our businesses and those of our friends and campaign contributors)


Pretty sure this is an unconstitutional tariff between states. Maybe Wyoming legislature should bone up on that document they claim to love.


Next up, they’re going to allow water companies to sell lead free water only outside Wyoming.


Good news really. If the fossil fuel industry is desperate enough to try to push through legislation like that, even with Trump elected, they must realize their industry is doomed.


Yet another example of a category of person we are likely to hear much from in the near future: “a protectionist masquerading as a free-marketeer or patriot”.

Keep vigilant people.


It’s more simple than any of what you people have said. It’s money, plain and simple. Money is the driving force behind this so called climate change denial and behind this stupid bill.

Greed, renewable sources don’t make anyone any money to speak of, coal does.


10 bucks per MEGA watt.
That is A MILLION watts.
Hardly a prohibition.


In 2015, Wyoming produced 3.8 terawatt-hours of electricity by wind generation.


The retail price of a megawatt hour in Wyoming is about $80, so it’s a substantial tax


“The electricity generated by coal is amongst the least expensive in the country. We want Wyoming residences to benefit from this inexpensive electrical generation.”

If that is true, let both run with out subsidies and let the market decide. If it is truly better, it doesn’t need protections.

While I am still not a huge wind fan (at least with current technical limits), Wyoming actually is a good market for it based on its sparseness and having some of the highest potentials for wind energy in the US.


so called small government