Shenzhen drivers punishment for misusing headlights: stare into them


Is Shen-zhen the Chinese word for tit-for-tat?

I wonder how harmful that could be to a person’s eyesight…

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They’re car headlights, not megawatt lasers. I’m thinking it’s a wasted effort, because while headlights dazzle you in the dark, they aren’t actually very bright. Try staring into a headlight at noon - it’s hard to tell if it’s even on. Contrast is everything.

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Nonetheless, staring into headlights during the night is quite uncomfortable. Not because it hurts a lot, but because it takes your sight away for quite some time. There’s a reason why a small flashlight is useful in self defense when its dimly lit.

The picture shows that it’s quite dark and, oy, five minutes. Just try it out.


I wonder if they taped his eyelids up and played the Ninth Symphony.


Yes, Mr. Burton. They send you to the Hell of Xenon Headlights.


I suspect the punishment isn’t really in the discomfort, but in the embarassment. A dunce cap doesn’t physically hurt the scalp either.

How does one “inappropriately” use one’s headlights, anyway?

Following someone with your high-beams on would do it.


Setting them to high.

Using them to signal aggressively.

Not turning off high beams when there’s other traffic, especially from the other direction.

Our driving instructor loved to tell stories about how the boatmen on the channel parallel to one of the nearest main roads would “retaliate” by turning on their high beams. Which are a tad bigger and more powerful.

As a bike user I can attest that many car drivers conveniently “forget“ to turn off their high beams unless you can forcibly remind them. Not fun having to stop in the dark and wait two minutes or more until one can see again. And it’s not as if I had a chance to avoid cycling in the dark - my home town is nearly on the same latitude as Edmonton in Canada.


I live in Edmonton and cycle year round myself, so I there I certainly can sympathize with you.

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Sitting and staring into them for 5 minutes is probably an inappropriate use.


Those ultra bright ones that are usually tinged slightly blue or yellow and blind other drivers when on “low” should be considered misuse.

On a previous car, I had fog lights I never used. Considered wiring them with those ultra brights in retaliation and flipping them on whenever I was blinded by some jerk. It turns out I wasn’t willing to pay next to $80 to buy a pair.

I see the Shenzhen police are adopting the imperial Japanese style of punishment:

I can’t help but think that it’s a bad idea to damage the night-vision of drivers who are already known to be less than entirely concerned with the wellfare of others

If there were an actual link to TFA it would clear up a lot of confusion. Also, fuck those guys who drive around at night with their high-beams on in situations where it can temporarily blind other drivers.

In Texas we have the problem of jacked up trucks with super bright headlights. When they get behind you the headlights are level with the back window of the average car. They make it almost impossible to see what’s in front of you due to the glare.

BTW, contrary to popular belief, most native Texans don’t drive a truck. Trucks are for work or people with very small opinions of themselves.

Very small somethings, that’s for sure. :wink:

It’s the same up north, though: we have lots of spotless macho trucks which have clearly never been anywhere other than the highways between the office parking lot, shopping mall, and private garage.

Real trucks look like they’ve been used for, you know, actual work that requires a truck.

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