Novel eyeshield from 1936 protects against bright headlights

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That glare genuinely is a major migraine trigger. I’d try these, no joke, even if they look silly.


it’s one of my old man pet peeves how bright headlights have become. the bright blueish leds seem everywhere now, and while i’m sure they’re great for the drivers; for me they feel like sticking a shard of glass in my eye. :confused: i wish there was a good solution


The industry is adopting the auto dimmer but to me it never works fast enough. By the time you first see the bright light you are already blinded. People have to turn the auto-dim on and not keep the high beams pegged and people can’t be relied on. The obvious solution would be to force a change back to the headlights used in the before time but that cat is already out of the bag.

Smart Headlights Are Finally on Their Way - The New York Times.


yeah, and that also assumes they work as advertised and register every pedestrian and bicyclist. i bike and walk a lot of places - i can see ( well i wish i could ) that there’s an advantage to the industry if everyone is forced into cars at night.

( side note: i’m shocked /s that the times - well known for both sides-ing trans healthcare, insurrections, and getting hit in the head with rocks would have such a one sided tech praising piece. shocked i say )


Yellow lenses. Cheap as chips if bought as safety glasses.

I use them as daytime sunglasses too, as they remove glare but not light.


Or you could just do what the driving instructor said, which is to peg your eyes on the white line to your lower right. Avoid the glare, but you can still keep your car perfectly in your lane.


Good tip. My instructor taught me that 49 years ago. Although it is perhaps a little less effective today, with headlights being mounted so much higher, and so many of them being, frankly, too bright compared to ‘proper’ lights.

(Yeah, and something about lawns while I"m here.) :wink:


Same. And, the same goes for tail/brake lights, they are blindingly bright. I stay way back in traffic so I’m not all lit up red.

I was on eastbound highway 50 at night approaching the summit before the decent into South Lake Tahoe. Lines of cars and macho trucks in the opposite direction were making it hard to even see that white line on the right, which in places was faded out because of weather and stuff.

My vehicle has those plastic ‘lenses’ which are all yellowed out from being old, and I think that makes my headlights even dimmer. I have that polish kit to abrade away that oxidation, but I think I need to do it twice a year now. I’ll all for going back to the before times wrt vehicle lights.


… that is a good idea I’ve not considered.

Here’s me off to order some safety glasses for night driving.

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