Shetland pony in a pub


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Okay, I’m sorry, but I have to.

Why the long face?

Edit: Dammit, the article beat me to it


Some pubs just have weird clientele.


He was just in town for BronyCon.


But the article didn’t say that the pony whispered his reply.
And when the bartender asked “Why are you whispering?” he answered… “Because I’m a little horse.


‘He is not a big drinker

They said that about me, once.


One year I walked the Doo Dah parade and we went into a pub at the end. Someone brought their Shetland pony in. I took a swig of beer and said “Thass a big dog!”

The pony was kicked out after it took a Shet.


You’re supposed to come for the chips, not leave 'em.

You know, he only came in because he thought he heard someone call out, "Hay!"
But when he was asked politely to leave, he replied, “Neigh!”

They could have been more horspitable.


An Englishman, an Irishman, and a Shetland pony walk into a bar. Stop me if you’ve herd this one…


You AND the article beat me to it!

I love me a bad joke.


This is completely normal in England, as the legal drinking height for equines was lowered after the passage of the Horses and Ponies in Public Houses Act (2004)

This is completely 100% true.


They’re lucky horses don’t have hands


Before or after consuming a larger amount of 100 degrees proof beverages?


I don’t see any drinking on the part of the pony or any coaxing out on the part of the human in this video.


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