Pony walks into English police station, escorted from premises





Why the long face? You sound a little hoarse… this is not the paddock you’re looking for.


Sometimes, one must stand athwart the flow of puns, shouting, “stop!”


Though most of the sites embraced the humourous side of the story and left out details it does appear the pony made it back home.


Hay, now – rein in that whinnying; it’s pasture bedtime. You’re just grazing attention, and you’ll stirrup foal play, from what I herd. Besides, I’m coming down with a colt.


You sir, have a future in “Refined interrogation techniques” if you are not so involved already.


I’m sorry, Wilbur. I just went with it.


My above reply was intended as a compliment. No apology necessary.

Doh! “Wilbur”! Woosh…


And I was gamboling with the Mr. Ed reference. All in good fun; no criticism perceived.


Apparently, “pony up the fine” means something different…


FTP - Friendly Travelling Pony
ACAB - All Colts Are Banned


So this horse walks into a police station to report discriminatory policies at the pub. The police refuse to listen because he’s not speaking english. After some confusion, he’s referred to a specialist in veteranary law. Unfortunately, before his case can be revued, he gets in an altercation with police and is choked to death. No charges are filed against the officer involved. The End.


A word of caution, that one should always be suspicious of equine deposits.


Mister won’t you please help my pony?


If @maggiekb was here, she would be pointing out the nastiness of your average pony :smiley:

  • “Who was that horse, anyway?”
  • “Y’know, his pace looked familiar, but I just can’t remember his mane.”


He’s no-


Whoa, there.


Was just thinking about that one.