Pig escapes, terrorizes entire town, craps in cop car


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Pig shit doesn’t smell like dog shit or horse shit or cow shit. Pig shit stiiinks.


Those things are designed to be hosed out…if you look at the picture…I think that’s a drain hole in the floorboard.


After they took the pig to the station, the cops intended to make it squeal, hoping for a loin on some corrupt pork-barreling politicians. But the pig blended in too well with the other police and managed to escape. If recaptured they will be taking the pig straight to the state pen.


I’m not ready to declare this the best thing that’s happened all week, but I’m leaning that way.


No professional courtesy.


As someone who once had his office broken into and shat upon by the thief, I can attest that it is not uncommon for perps to leave a fecal calling card.



I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it would look like if I were placed in the same seat.


I doubt that was the dirtiest thing that ever happened in that backseat


Good thing it wasn’t a black pig.


I love the picture. He’s saying, “They may have caught me, but I’m still ready to party!”.



I just can’t get over how pleased with himself he looks.


If they count the mere presence of a pig as “terror”, they need to get a life. Preferably their own.


I don’t count the presence of a pig as ‘terror’, rather, potential bacon.


I wish all police-related stories were like this.


I read that as the “ahhhh” face while releasing his bowels towards the door.


There’s either a poem or a country and western song in this story, maybe both.


Good thing it wasn’t a hyena… I friend who worked in a zoo once told me that “Hyenas have the stinkiest poo in the zoo.” Which apparently is SAYING something.