Shining a light on the dark money of The Marble Freedom Trust

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Tripp Lite is a going concern. Its employees should be made aware that they’re directly participating in the destruction of liberal democracy in America and promoting institutional bigotry and sexism in the courts.

I don’t know if I’ve bought this company’s products in the past (surge protecters, UPS’s and server fans) or recommened them to clients, but I won’t going forward.


Tripp Lite was a surprise to me too. I use their products all over the place. They are a staple of rack-mounted test fixtures.

Add a disclaimer to the online checkout: “By purchasing this product you acknowledge that a portion of your payment will go to support Dark Money that funds the overthrow of Government”


:man_shrugging: The Bradley side of Allen-Bradley started the one of the worst funds for far-right stuff


Thankfully I only use Allen Bradley products in my Rockwell retro-encabulator.


Just invested in a whole bunch of surge protectors when I realized the ones I had were largely used up, and I avoided Tripp Lite stuff. Unfortunately, due to their success, their products are ubiquitous and often less expensive than competitors, so it wont be easy to promote an embargo.


Tripp Lite/Eaton are hard to escape. I had no idea about this, though.
That’s not the part that I play in the data center world that I live in (server and infrastructure management itself) but the PDUs I plug into in CoLos are almost always Eaton… : (

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CyberPower UPSes are usually available for home use via Costco. Generally fairly beefy, if it weren’t so hard to swap out the batteries (supply chain issues). Ours generally last 5+ years, in an area with notoriously dirty power.

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Can we just stop calling these “donation” anymore? This is literal bribe money.


If they have this much money to corrupt society, there should be no fucking reason that they should not pay their fair share into the system that makes them rich in the first place.


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