Shopkeeper uses "man catcher" Samurai weapon to fend off three robbers (video)

Originally published at: Shopkeeper uses Samurai weapon to deter robbers



Ok-the video seemed to be nothing but ads and the picture was of a European device.
This is the Japanese version:


this NHK link had images and the video. 'Sasumata' in high demand after thwarted jewelry store robbery in Tokyo | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News


“Woah oh here he comes.
Watch out boy, he’ll catch you up
Woah-oh here he comes,
He’s got a man-catcher!”


Not to be confused with Manhunters

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Cool, but not as cool as attacking terrorists with a narwhale tusk.
London Bridge attack: Darryn Frost on using a narwhal tusk to stop knifeman (

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I hate to link Soranews/Rocketnews because it’s mostly trash, but this article shows some demonstrations of the modern sasumata-type self defense weapons:

If those demonstrations look a little too cooperative to you, there are also these videos of some Jeet Kun Do guys in Japan playing around with them (no english, sorry):


i thought it was interesting he was really just swinging it at them. a push broom could have had the same effect – or… then, maybe it was the psychology of it all.

one odd thing: japan is said to have extremely low crime rates, but he keeps the weapon easily accessible to protect himself and his store? maybe crime rates aren’t as low as advertised?

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There is a bit of FUD driving sales of these as well. These smash-and-grab robberies of high-end luxury goods in the past few months (Rolex watches, jewelry, gems) have all been forefront on the evening news and newspapers. Add to that the fact that we still don’t know who has been planning them (the robbers were all recruited anonymously via the dark web), it just adds to the sensationalism of these incidents. So demand for these kind of self-defense (shop-defense?) weapons have really gone up.

In the past I’ve only seen these at schools, who generally have some on hand to deal with armed/dangerous intruders, including drills where they practice apprehending an intruder.

There’s also this video of sasumata being used in China to subdue an armed attacker. I don’t know if it’s a drill/demonstration or an actual incident, but if it’s not real it’s pretty believable.


i hadn’t heard of any of that. that does sound wild, almost like a scifi story plot. ( and what’s the point of paying protection money to yakuza, if businesses are going to get robbed by flash mobs?! )

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