Swords! SWORDS!


Oh, oh, I might have an advantage here. How many of you actually own swords? I know @Medievalist will probably run me through, and the only real steel I have is a rapier, but its more than most people.

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1864 Union cavalry saber


No swords, but the tombstone piledriver has taken me to the final 28.

Bring it, you pencil-necks.




Don’t you live in Japan? Or do they not trust foreigners with swords…




I misspoke, its not that its illegal just that it requires very special permits which are not actually easy to get for anyone.



Don’t trust everything you see on TV.


I have walked into a store in Tokyo and bought a katana, no questions asked.[quote=“Israel_B, post:612, topic:99223”]
I misspoke, its not that its illegal just that it requires very special permits which are not actually easy to get for anyone.


Y’know, it’s just the weirdest thing; I believe you.


You didn’t need directions to the store. The blade just called to you and you knew where to go. Upon first sight, the shopkeeper knew you were the chosen one and humbly handed over the weapon.

Have you named it yet?


One of those souvenir types or an actual blade? It was trying to buy an actual blade that got me looking at the law.


A real one, for real training.

Edit: that didn’t say what I meant. I was with someone who did serious training in multiple martial arts, and who became interested in katanas and other weapons as a result. Obviously you don’t use a real blade in training! But it was quite real: sharp and dangerous.


Well color me surprised.


Neat. Got pics? What kind of store was it? Can I go next time?

If/when I got to Japan I have to go to a traditional forge and watch one being made. I will never be able to afford one of THOSE. But a Chinese made Paul Chen is supposed to be serviceable.


If you want katanas or all sorts of weaponry, the place to go is one of those rural mega flea markets, like this one not far from where I used to live in Ohio. It’s the kind of place you can buy swords, guns, “fell off the truck” electronics, Army surplus gear, brass knuckles, used mattresses (?!), and lots of beanie babies.


Selling dodgy used weaponry within sight of Big Butter Jesus. Tsk tsk.


Dude! Big Butter Jesus burned down! Struck down by lightning.

Replaced a few years ago with a much less buttery Jesus.


I’m a little surprised that on further reading, the laws only date back to 1958:

I would have thought outlawing swords would date back to the 1850’s.