NY's 1974 ban on nunchaku just deemed unconstitutional


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So will you now be able to purchase a tank that shoots nunchukus at Walmart or will you need a special permit for that?


Dirtbag cousins in NY rejoice in their newfound freedom to demonstrate their elite martial arts skills in public (and maybe make mad Jacksonz from it).


here in the UK they were already illegal so they had to ban depicting them. Can’t find it now but there was a censored version of the Enter the Dragon poster where he looked like he was holding a baguette


“Shafan ha Lavan” is Hebrew for white rabbit


Haven’t people moved on to butterfly knives for their showy self-harm needs?


Is there no NNA?
(National Nunchuku Association)


They are and have always been legal to own in the UK, though they are considered offensive weapons so carrying them in public is a crime. There is a long list of ‘‘ninja weapons’’ whose manufacture, sale and importation (but not possession) are banned under the Criminal Justice Act 1988, but nunchaku aren’t on it.


The NRA supported this lawsuit for some reason…


Do the same aruments apply to any (historically styled) knife or sword as well?


No, because the judge is a moron and this ruling will be overturned. The Second Amendment does not cover sticks, even fancy articulated ones, even if you can whoosh them around like a boss.




First time you wack yourself on the elbow with one you’ll realise you shouldn’t have bought one.


Therapeutical use of nunchaku intrigues me. Who is the patient, the one whirling them around or the one getting them on the ribs, nose, head…


Three words. Hard-working. Alpha male. Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable.


I’d make the argument that the Second Amendment doesn’t cover personal ownership of sticks for non-militia purposes, but the Big Robes have already ruled on that one.

Do you have a legal justification for (purpose-built weapon) sticks not being covered by the 2A? (Not being a troll, genuinely curious if there’s a legal aspect to “arms” that escapes me.)


She doesn’t know the fundamental rule of the second amendment:

Weapon used by white people to kill scores of minorities in movies = constitutional right

Weapon used by minorities to beat up white people in movies = illegal terrorist implement





Same person (usually) :wink:


“Original intent of the framers of the constitution” is a pretty elastic concept.