Hammer nunchuks




Or,“How to turn 4 useful tools into grievous self-injury”.


These would be illegal in lots of places due to still standing bans on nunchuks caused by freakouts over Bruce Lee’s movies.



And that is without a weighted claw on the end…cringe


What could possibly go wrong?


Now he just needs to paint the handles like that Best Made Axe company and charge $600. Profit!

Relevant: http://laughingsquid.com/re-made-company-purveyor-of-artisan-toilet-plungers/


Remember the rule:

Used by a white guy in a movie to kill a bunch of brown people: Constitutionally protected!

Used by a non-white guy in a movie to beat up a bunch of white guys: illegal to possess!


Wow, It only took 7 comments to bring the discussion of hammers turned into nunchuks into racial politics. A New Record!!! :smile:


Well since it made you feel uncomfortable, the preceding comment should be removed and the poster banned. Also, you get this free Malcolm X T-shirt!


$300!? For 4 hammers and some chain? I mean, I’m all for an artist’s right to feed themselves, but doesn’t anyone else think that’s slightly ridiculous?


Impractical and overpriced.
Nunchuk plungers on the other hand would be great for Super Mario cosplay.


Sounds like the cross-over where Mario went down the Ninja Turtle’s sewer,


What do you think is a reasonable price for this sculpture?


When all you have is hammer-chucks, every enemy looks like a nail.


Oldboy level up.


I couldn’t bring myself to complain about the price, this kind of stuff just shows up from time to time on here.

If you wanted to make these yourself (because fuck you, that’s why), you could just get two hammers ($11.76) a couple of eye hooks, ($2.24) and a short length of chain (sold by the foot – $1), and put it together yourself in half an hour.

It’s still a dumb idea, but don’t let me stop you.


Nope. You’re also paying them for the work, and the failed attempts, and most importantly you’re rewarding them for having been clever enough to come up with the idea, implement it nicely (not just screw-eyes, but something that looks intentional), and share it with you.

Art is worth what someone pays for it, by definition,


Here’s the artist’s website: http://www.thesmartaleck.com

More hammers, and other work as well.


I like the (probably apocryphal) story about Picasso on the value of art:

Picasso was in a park when a woman approached him and asked him to draw her portrait. Picasso agreed and quickly captured her with a few strokes of a pencil. After seeing the sketch, she was thrilled with the result and asked how much she owed him. Picasso replied “Five thousand dollars.” Aghast, the woman protested “Five thousand dollars? But it only took you a minute!” To which Picasso replied “Madam, it took me all my life!”