Just a ninja master practicing nunchucks

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Someone needs to get that man a set of glowsticks - stat!


I’m a bit ashamed that even some bears are better at nunchucks than I am.





I’d give myself a black eye just trying to pick up a pair.


I had a friend with some fire pois (those juggling things) and a male friend wanted to have a go.
“Can we set them alight?”
He almost immediately cracked himself in the nuts with them. As he lay there gasping she said,
“And that’s why.”


Looking at the tiktok channel the nunchuck swinging hero is named “Billy” or “billyninjamaster” and is a different person to the channel’s owner/name giver “natedawgfirstog”.
Just giving credit where credit is due.


super impressive and heart warming :smiley: learning to master them is no small feat and he’s handling those pretty well, much respect to him.


I know what you mean. I’d knox my blox off.


Dude rocks!

Practicing seems to be over class.

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This is Oliver Sacks stuff, for sure.

Decades ago as a younger guy I worked in the public library system. Learning the ol’ Dewey Decimal System wasn’t as easy as it looked.
The perfect example is Willie The Shake. The only individual with his own Dewey classification. He has the 822.3s all to himself. Each play, each sonnet, each work has it’s own subset of the 822.3s. Confusing? You betcha.
Especially to my younger coworkers who found it much easier to simply toss the books wherever they would fit.
Then Jimmy Carter instituted some fabulous work programs where the Feds would reimburse local towns and cities to hire the so called unemployable. Reagan dismantled this his first day in office, as I recall.
Our library system hired some really interesting folks, but there was this one guy who today might be described as being on the spectrum, with what was probably autism, combined with Asperger’s. He could could only even barely speak.
I was at that time assisting my supervisor, and after several others attempted to train him, he would dissolve into tears, while his teenaged coworkers would become so frustrated they would literally just walk away from the guy.
My supervisor asked if I could help.
First was talking with him enough to have him feel comfortable with me. Of course once he opened up he revealed an amazing personality, with a back story any ‘normal’ person could only imagine in their worst nightmares.
I finally realized that the guy was Mr. Detail. He could spot lint a mile away, and it would frustrate him until it was picked up. And of course HE would need to be the one to do it to ensure it would be done correctly.
You see where this going, right.
I took the time to not only teach him how Dewey worked, but the marvel that the system was devised to be infinite. He was not only intrigued, he was excited.
Then I showed him that he could experience a mere bit of that wonder in that amazing Shakespeare collection that nobody else wanted to even go near.
He got it. Lock stock, and barrel. He became the ninja of the Shakespeare stacks.
A lovely guy, really. And so freaking smart.
So here’s the unhappy/happy end.
Reagan was elected, dismantled the program (I think if memory serves, it was called CETA), and funding was gone. First to go we’re the CETA hires. A meeting was called. Each one of us took a cut in our own hours to contribute to his ongoing employment.
Stay healthy Boingers.


Dude is really good! Finally someone who doesn’t suck.
He’s the best western user of nunchaku I’ve seen actually.

Not to take away from him at all, but a story-

This is going to sound like utter made up mall ninja bullshit, but I was once trained in nunchaku when I lived in Sapporo by a Japanese nunchaku teacher who fought in like an MMA league of extreme cage fighters.

The people who do crazy stuff like electrified barb wire cage matches.

My buddy Shinkichi introduced me to this guy, master Hiroki, who he met somehow through the outdoor airsoft games we always did during summer in Otaru and Biei. He taught me the absolute basics, like Fusha mawashi and Suisha mawashi (windmill and watermill spins respectively in English), and Senaka mawashi.

I actually just found his cards he gave me, and the dvd he made of training and fighting me (where he kicked my ass) and me fighting my friend. World Combat Nunchaku Federation. I googled that url- no longer exists. Maybe they got shut down…

Anyway, I can basically just not hit myself in the balls, I’m nowhere near as sweet as this dude, but it’s a true story

Edit: remembering now, it was my friend Kenta, who diowned his father because he was actual low level Yakuza. My memory of 2008 is a bit hazy at this point

Edit 2: Holy shit, I actually found Hiroki on youtube- in a nunchaku TEDxSapporo talk, haha! this vid is awesome- check it out-


Upvoted for the term “mall ninja”. I’m easy to please.


In Canada (and many other countries and some US States), nunchucks are classed as prohibited weapons, the same status as fully-automatic machine guns. If those in the video are not made of rubber, he might be in trouble.

"Some states allow limited exceptions for nunchaku use only in martial arts studios. However, a federal appeals court ruled against a New York resident who argued that the state’s nunchuck ban was unconstitutional because it prevented martial artists from training with nunchucks.

The court disagreed with the resident, which meant that New York had a rational basis for banning nunchucks. The court cited the following reasons why New York lawmakers decided to ban nunchucks:

Nunchucks are “widely used by muggers and street gangs and ha[ve] been the cause of many serious injuries”; and
The bill’s sponsor maintained that the nunchaku “is designed primarily as a weapon and has no purpose other than to maim or, in some instances, kill.”


C’mon, SKILLS!


It’s Down Syndrome, or Trisomy 21. I think “Down’s syndrome” was always wrong.

Lint in my eyeballs aaaaaaaargh!


Maaan. You surely have taken the longer path to the BoingBoing Old Hippy Farm and Byegones Museum (exit through Gift Shop)


I’ve never really understood the logic in this. Real life doesn’t look like The Last Dragon. Because if someone is going to rob me with a pair of nunchucks I’m going to need that sweet 30 second pre-mugging demonstration. Depending on their skill I might consider it more of a show and be willing to part with what little cash I usually carry.

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If I understand New York though, the ones with scythes on the ends of the nunchucks are legit food theatre. The ones with maces on the ends are masonry tools, and the ones with three dagger points are for mails or sexy times.*

*Not learned in Sapporo. So this can’t just be merged into histories of automatic toothbrushes?