National Rifle Association TV host says his request for North Korea to nuke California was a "joke"


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Also please don’t joke about nuking Guam either.


Don’t tread on the bear!


When will “I’m sorry. I was just joking” not going to be good enough?


When the assholes aren’t in charge…so…don’t hold your breath.


Okay so why is this guy still employed? People get fired for less obnoxious tweets well other than the ‘leader of the free world’.


When there’s a Democrat in the White House.


Its a bit sad how many people don’t understand that they can take a moment to reconsider what they are saying before they hit the Post button.


You know the NRA would love to get their hands on atomic weapons. I mean they are “arms” aren’t they?


Is that one bear or two?


Nukes don’t kill people. People kill people.




It’s the ‘New’ California Republic flag… after NK took up the offer to nuke Sacramento.

2 headed bear cause Mutants from radiation.


Christ what an asshole doesn’t even come close…
He and his ilk will feel themselves victims of a PC world that just can’t see how funny it would be to slaughter kids, women and men who live in an area where lots of people think differently. If the world would only learn to appreciate the hate this cretin has toward people who dare to hold different opinions then none of this would be any more than the fun sentiment he meant it to be. Come on, what’s more funny than the charred body of a fellow American who doesn’t hold your values. Certainly Jesus, trump and others in the know could appreciate it.

Probably a crowd source fund gonna get started to cheer him up.


Such a card…Righty…you never fail to crack me up.


Naw dogg, we know that’s not enough.


Ha, ha! Maybe someone should burn his house down and kill his family! Ha ha, I make funny, too!

Because this is what the NRA is now.


Well, that would be one way to sell a whole lot more guns because they can protect you from nuclear bombs obviously.


Well, there’s another asshole to add to the list.

Don’t punish the people of Guam; they don’t deserve that.


Randal Munroe has anticipated this…