National Rifle Association TV host says his request for North Korea to nuke California was a "joke"


Sorry. That was all my bad


That joke was so funny that I forgot to laugh.


Real explanation (I’m assuming you don’t get the reference): that is the flag of the New California Republic from the Fallout series of games. The bear, as @Bytheway said, has two heads due to radioactive mutations. The Fallout games take place in the aftermath of a nuclear war between the United States and China in what’s at this point a pretty elaborate alternate history where the transistor is never invented and so we’re in the 50’s future until 2077(?) when the nuclear war erupts.


Something that I’ve always wondered about with the NRA.

They say that they are all about defending the Second Amendment, and we’ve all seen how loudly and vehemently they fight for people to own guns, but where are they when it comes to swords? Or crossbows? How about pole-arms? Slings? Slingshots?

Why aren’t they being just as loud in fighting against the no-blades-over-4-inches laws?


That’s the secret, isn’t it? The NRA is the second gun industry lobby. They are (and have been for years) at practically direct odds with their ‘constituency’ on issues like background checks.


Ah thanks


States where the gun industry doesn’t make enough money must be punished.


Sacramento Did Nothing Wrong.

(But a scenario where DC is obliterated, then NK is, could be construed as win-win. :wink: )


“Hey, tell me that one about how you hope I die!”

I bet he gets that all the time.


I mean…it clearly was a joke? Not funny, but still, folks looking for reasons to get offended ITT as far as I’m concerned.


I don’t think “parsing a mean-spirited and unfunny joke as the shitty comment it was” really counts as “people looking for reasons to get offended.”


Offensive non-joke is offensive.

If you want to complain about the comments in this thread, your comment shouldn’t be about them getting offended by an offensive joke, but rather be about them stating the obvious when they do…


Wait, but he’s got it backwards. Telling them Sac changed their name to Guam would only make them think that now there’s two Guams. In order to mean what he tried and failed to mean, he would have to have said, “tell them Guam changed their name to Sacramento.” Typical.


Yeah, nuclear war erupts in 2077 as the 1950s would have imagined it, where there’s still McCarthyism (and China is still hardline maoist), there’s just nuclear-powered cars and home butler robots.

Also radiation runs on 1950s comic book science: has a visible green glow, USUALLY kills things but occasionally turns animals two headed or giant, and humans into sterile, non-aging, zombie-looking mutants.


Yeah, I don’t even find it offensive. It’s dumb, but it’s no more offensive than half the dumb jokes people tell about folks like Trump that I wouldn’t bat an eye at. Finding it offensive, as far as I’m concerned, takes some serious mental gymnastics to find something here to get offended by.


Is the “sliding off into the ocean” joke still ok to use :wink:

Also if you liked this comment the other day, you can bow out of this thread with your righteous indignation.


Sure, it’s a joke.

But it says something about the nature of the movement. Members of the NRA are happy to – and some might even be anxious (dare I say excited?) – to use violence in causes they deem just. Self defense is one such cause; another is protection of an enshrined mythical republic cast in their own image. So when they joke about nuking a state full of people they believe are undermining their god-given duty to protect American greatness? It doesn’t take Freud to see their veiled desires.

These guys have a violent worldview and no scruples about defeating the liberal opposition.

It’s like an addict “joking” about getting a fix. Funny, right?


A key difference here is that “California sliding into the ocean” was never something that could actually happen outside of a Superman movie, whereas we actually ARE living in a time when a nuclear exchange with millions of casualties is a terrifyingly real possibility.




I didn’t like that comment and I’m not “indignant” or offended about this post… except maybe by a regular mutant telling another regular mutant to ‘bow out’ because they disagree.

That’s “righteously” not fucking cool, bro.


“Joking” or not, ‘funny’ or NOT; what dude said was fucked up and inappropriate as all hell.

And now I’m gonna start posting funny ‘Not Funny’ memes, because it’s a better use of time…