National Rifle Association TV host says his request for North Korea to nuke California was a "joke"


It isn’t terrifyingly real as NK doesn’t have the ability to nuke CA. It probably couldn’t hit Guam either. It is still unlikely they actually have their nuke small enough for their current sized rockets to lift anywhere. Idiot-in-chief tweets aside, we don’t need to stoke hysteria.

But that’s besides the point that 24 people, including yourself, were cool with the idea of it happening to Oklahoma. In fact no one, but me, even suggested it was even slightly inappropriate.

That part wasn’t directed at anyone who didn’t like the comment, yourself included.

My point was one can’t claim outrage at one and thumbs up the other. Well, you can do what ever the hell you want, but its rather hypocritical.

That image is very remotely funny.


I couldn’t have even if I wanted to; I don’t post on angry orange ball threads, and I don’t engage the member who made the comment.

I think that town in the linked post is filled with horrible assholes, but I still wouldn’t wish a bombing on them or on anybody, even as a joke.

But maybe that’s just me; I believe words have power, even if you don’t mean them.

Call me superstitious, but if I said something fucked up like that and it actually came to pass, I’d feel like pure-D shit about myself.

Very punny.


If absolutely anyone else who wasn’t predominantly comprised of white male heterosexual Christians (lol) made that joke, they’d have been labeled a terrorist organization who supports our enemies, and the NRA would be running ads to sell guns to fight them with.


There are some “alt-right” folks who sincerely admire North Korea for its racial purity, traditional values and resistance to US hegemony and “globalism”.


Conservative just aren’t funny. Maybe it’s because they don’t suffer enough. Maybe because they don’t feel oppression (except by Muslims, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Female-Americans, Gay Americans, non-Christian Americans). Maybe it’s a gene.

Trump’s jokes about Russia thinning the payroll aren’t funny. They aren’t “presidential” whatever that means these days.

Dennis Miller isn’t funny.

James Woods isn’t funny.

And this NRA cracker isn’t funny.


It depends on who uses the joke. Things are so polarized now that everyone takes jokes from the other side as very serious threats. I find that pretty depressing, because humor has always been a pretty effective coping mechanism.


You don’t think there is a difference between suggesting a single twin in OK who have demonstrated they are sick inhuman monsters would make the world a better place for being wiped off the map as opposed to an an entire state of innocent people?

And I am one faceless individual on a forum. Not a nationally recognized person with a forum. The standards are different.


And there shouldn’t be a problem with nuke open carry.



I read about that open carry of swords when it was announced. See any mention of the NRA in that article?


Yes, exactly. If someone like say Sarah Silverman joked about nuking say Mississippi or Florida I doubt anyone here would care.

So if you find yourself genuinely outraged by a a shit joke, you have to ask yourself, is it dark humor you don’t like (that’s more than fair, lots of people don’t), or was it just my sacred cow that got targeted this time? Or in this case, is it who told the joke what one doesn’t like?

Don’t try to rationalize how one could possibly be ok because either the damage in your hypothetical would some how be less than in this one. Or that you are a nobody and so what you say doesn’t matter. (This guy is a nobody too, never heard of him.)

For the record I didn’t find either comment very funny, but at the same time neither were really outrageous, because I know what it is at his heart.

I think all of us are guilty at wishing harm on a group of people or place from time to time. coughFloridacough We probably shouldn’t. We certainly shouldn’t act like it is something only some monster would do. At least not with out some introspection.

Given their size, they are all open carry.


I get your point and do not wholly disagree. The one thing I’d say is he may be nobody to you. But he is somebody to a large enough audience that he is verified on twitter.

Saying I have righteous indignation is a mischaracterization of my feelings on the matter. Those with a national stage should have more consequences beyond “im sorry”.


“righteous indignation” is probably an exaggeration, but how often does one get to use such a colorful phrase?

Not really. Because 1) free speech, 2) it was a bad joke/dark, not an actual threat, 3) lock us all up for at some point wishing harm on others even in a joking manner. Out lash and apology seems appropriate to me.

And again 13.9k followers is hardly a huge audience. But yes, more “famous” than either of us.


No one hates America quite like Republicans hate America.


Do you actually believe that?


Some of them can be, and it’s them who you should be even more suspicious of than normal. They’re the ones trying to get you to lower your guard.

For example, Boris Johnson.


Of course they do. Even if reports that they’ve miniaturized the warhead sufficiently to fit on their ICBMs are untrue, all they need is a short-range missile and a boat to hit California.

Maybe it’s because their jokes all-too-often involve inflicting suffering on others



Endless talk about who is and who isn’t a “real” American, disparaging attempts to increase equality, denigrating immigrants, disrespect for the rule of law as long as their guys win, policies guaranteed to wreck our environment, a string of secession threats and fantasies. And now let’s add jokes about nuking California.


I’m glad North Korea decided to devote their energy and money researching nuclear weapons instead of how to feed, house, and clothe their citizens. Kim is doing a masterful job.


Trump said of Kim Jung Un, “He’s a smart cookie.”