North Korea says it won't nuke Guam this week while Kim Jong-Un waits for Trump's next move


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Those general’s comically large hats always reminds me of this:



We are assuming that those missiles can hit what they are aiming at, and blow up at will anyways.

I am not super concerned.


I’m surprised the Mango Munchkin doesn’t have more photos like Kim’s, you know, where he’s looking at something, and pretending to understand it and pretending to give orders, and people are pretending to take notes around him. All we get is Mango in a firetruck, looking like a 5 year old. Sad!


Gee, what a mensch.


Time for someone in the white house to break out the duct tape for 45’s hands & mouth.


Kim Jong Un has tempered his actions.

Evidently Weird Al’s song worked!


This orientalist crap is getting on my nerves.

Kim is not crazy - he has nukes to deter an invasion, not to randomly nuke Tokyo


I’ve always said Weird Al was a goddamn national treasure.

Though I did see the bit for this, and while Kim is a horrible dictator, he probably isn’t crazy, crazy. No more crazy than the US or Russia working towards MAD. Still, he is a bit desperate. If there is ever a revolt, would he try to send one last “fuck you” to the world?


I guess I’ll have lunch outside Saturday.


Li’l Kim is having enough fun watching Trump destroy America so he figures “Why waste my missiles?”


Chances Trump will be on twitter tomorrow wagging his dick about how “tough talk” made them back down: 100%.


The 2 school yard bullies have finally yapped their mouth to the point where they either gonna have to try to save face or one of then has to take the first swing. Kimmy-poo is a real dickwad but he’s not a dumb dickwad. If we can muzzle mega-mouth for a while things might chill out. Keeping the orange pustule from erupting may be the beigest trick going.

Edit to ask: why do the 2 dumbest most dangerous dipshits in the world have to compete for the world’s worst hairdo?


Wow! that’s a really big desktop monitor!


Americans “can’t find your country on a map” but their military is conducting massive military exercises on your borders.


Yeah. I mean, he’s not Trump.


The plan from North Korea was to fire missiles near Guam, not at it. Thus we need to be more concerned that their missiles will miss and hit Guam instead by mistake. They probably won’t have warheads if they are just a demonstration, but USA might shoot back anyway.


Which is a point that much of the media and discussion ignores.

Trump wasn’t threatening a nuclear strike in response to an attack. He was threatening a nuclear strike in response to a test.

North Korea has no intention of attacking the USA. But if you spend decades with a gun pointed at someone’s head, eventually they’re going to look for a means of balancing the threat.

America went berserk and came within an inch of destroying the world the moment a handful of missiles appeared in Cuba. North Korea has been facing much more than that for sixty years.


And let’s not forget that at the same time USA had missiles in Turkey, just as close to the Soviet Union.


Must be the contemporary thing in beloved leader chic.
It used to be moustaches…