North Korea says it won't nuke Guam this week while Kim Jong-Un waits for Trump's next move

That photo! Do you realize what’s happening in that photo?

An inexperienced leader realizes he doesn’t know everything, so he chooses experienced advisors and listens to them! Weird, right? Frekin communists.


This whole NK nukes thing was a distraction, yet again, intended to prop up Trump and give him an excuse to look tough and “presidential” and keep other stories out of the news. Likely the Russians asked Kim to do it. The fact is that NK doesn’t have a reentry vehicle that can shield their alleged warheads. Their missiles are barely reliable enough to make it off the launchpads without blowing up. As crazy and desperate as they are, they are not stupid enough to waste one of their precious few warheads (again supposing they actually have any) let alone risk having one blow up on their own soil and nuking themselves. Yet again, you in the media fell for it. I among others BEGGED you to stop covering Trump two years ago at the outset of his campaign, but you couldn’t resist, you couldn’t look away. And now, here we are.


This wasn’t a huge limb to walk out on, but let the records reflect…

Actually, he is.

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Someone really needs to send these fucking children to bed without any supper.

Bed with out supper? North Korea has that covered!


Now I just feel terrible.

“I wagged that dog like a bitch.”

NK haven’t launched because they’re looking at the US and laughing so hard they can’t even push the button.

Trump: Like Rob Ford but with nukes.

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So when we do things in international waters (like massive mock invasions), it’s A-OK, but when NK conducts a missile test in international waters it’s grounds to level the country with nuclear weapons? Interesting logic…

I’m curious how you feel your “nu-uh” of a reply adds to the discussion?

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The American Revolutionary War being somewhat of an outlier.


“In food news, you’ve had enough to eat”

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Just pointing out that your false moral equivalency is false.

Let me put it this way: if Kim were the president of, say, the US, would you still say he isn’t crazy?

Is this a trick question?

Kim is somewhat crazy, but there is method to the madness.
I’m still looking for any sign of method in Trump’s antics.
My guess1) is that he is in an early stage of senile dementia - on some days he’s lucid and is aware that he is actually the President of the actual United States, on some days he thinks he is the star of a reality show and can just fool around without any real consequences.

1) I’m not a doctor or anything; this is just my $0.02 based on what I’ve experienced with my grandparents and other relatives. Currently experiencing something like this with my mother in law.

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If the USA was a small country whose benefactor collapsed in the 90s, being threatened by a massive one, would I think it’s crazy to build a nuclear device to use on advancing forces or my invader’s home?



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