North Koreans spotted playing volleyball at nuclear test site


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I saw a hot dog stand too, and what I think is a swimming pool.


That really shows you the depth of communist depravity. Playing nuclear volleyball when they should be playing nuclear football like civilized people.


I’m also thinking that people working ammunition transport ships generally don’t bother with protective gear–if the thing goes, ain’t no helmet/flak vest gonna help.

I see nuclear bunker workers in much the same way.


Pass the Juche!

See Sage Young


It’s either a ploy, or those volleyball playing workers will be put in front of cannons today.


I suppose ‘the workers are just playing volleyball on a nice warm spring day during their lunch break’ is not an option?

Not to be alarmist, but, do we have confirmation that it isn’t badminton. Which would be a whole new league.




Are we sure they weren’t actually playing with a sphere from their latest missile’s guidance system, because that might explain…?


How do you say “Hurry up and wait.” in Korean? Because: “War. War never changes.”


However said saftey gear does help with non nuclear worksite problems. likea co worker drops a thing above where you are, a railing comes loose, etc.


Well, as we all know, a picture with labels is never ever inaccurate.


I was looking for a Korean cover of “Playing With the Boys” and sadly the Internet let me down.

So, here’s a Korean version of Gangsta’s Paradise instead:


Came here for that.


How come we never get satellite images of those 150,000 Russian troops massing in the Ukraine border?


And surfing?


I want to get my limitations lifted :frowning:


Kinda hope the players had permission to be doing that - cuz if not, after this has been released - they dead now.


Because publicizing the problem might lead to calls to do something about it, which conflicts with US policy in this case of ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away. There’s plenty of evidence (including satellite imagery) that shows Russian military in, around and shooting at Ukraine if you look for it.