North Koreans spotted playing volleyball at nuclear test site


Their workers have better hats than our workers. When will we close the hat gap? Your call, Trump!


Funny you should ask that. Trump IS an asshat.


Lucky they’re not playing football.


Where’s the Armada??!! :sailboat:️:sailboat:️:sailboat:️


Classic ‘Charlie don’t surf’ kinda situation this.


Because there isn’t enough volleyball equipment for all of them?


For years MI6 have been listening to these thumping sounds, assuming it was some kind of uranium processing system, but now they know the mundane truth.

(reamde is a great book BTW).


The best I could do was nuclear weapons plus tennis


An “analyst” was on NPR this morning offering theories about the volleyball, saying “they could be sending us a message, essentially waving hello to the spy satellites. But what are they trying to tell us? What message does this volleyball convey?”

I can only imagine analysts staring at the footage. “He just spiked the ball! Does that mean there’ll be a spike in activity soon? Wait wait, that guy just blocked… they’re telling us there’ll be a blockade!”


But no thousands of troops massing on the border.


Depends on what you mean by “massing”. Russian armed forces have about 771,000 active troops, most of which are concentrated in the Western part of the country. The Southern Military District, which borders Ukrainian Donbas and now includes Crimea, has at least 72,000 permanently stationed troops, and last year managed to host military exercises for 120,000.

I don’t know where your 150,000 figure comes from and why it is important, but to me it sounds like a perfectly reasonable common-sense estimate of how many troops Russia could rapidly deploy into Ukraine.

As to why you don’t see super high resolution, neatly labeled satellite photos of them in the media like the ones in OP, refer to my previous post.


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