South Korea blasts K-pop music at North Korea to piss off Kim Jong Un

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Psy-cological warfare?


Ouch! Those Gfriends were going down hard! The one with the knee issue looks like she was especially having trouble. :frowning:

Just watched Propaganda this week. I enjoyed observing more about the NK spectacle, rather than seeing just the lazy mockery the general population of the US throws at them. Also interesting to parallel some of NK’s tactics with that of the west, seems like misinformation and fear are still great control devices no matter what side of the demarcation we sit on.

I don’t think I hit on the topic of the post yet, so let me add this: OK.


And the advertisement shows the North Korean response:


I’ve seen a few posts online that are skeptical about the detonation.

Anyone else seen this or feel that way? I’m no expert but I can’t think of what else would have caused the tremors detected. Fracking?

My understanding is that the West believes it was a nuclear bomb, but not the thermo-nuclear (hydrogen) bomb that North Korea was claiming it to be. Fission vs fusion.


Thank you, that makes it a lot more clear for me.

I’m obviously quite ignorant about the kinds of atomic weapons there are. Most of my knowledge comes from old sci-fi books and “The Day After”.

Yet another reason to love PSY !

‘Trinity and Beyond; the Atomic Bomb Movie’ (narrated by William Shatner) is quite educational regarding the evolution of nuclear weapons. Highly recommended, but scary as hell.

Also, there are extremely accurate detectors worldwide listening specifically for the unique audio and sub-audio fingerprint of nuclear tests.

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