North Korea plans to conduct nuclear warhead test “very soon”


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Wasn’t their last one a dud?



It was the most powerful atomic detonation in history. Just ask them.


It was a dud in the sense that the yield wasn’t high enough for it to be a hydrogen bomb, as NK claimed.


Is that like how the North Korean football team were the football world champions from November 2011 to January 2013?

I’m sure if they look hard enough they will find some way of proving it was the most powerful detonation ever.


Would someone please smear some Clearasil on that toad.


Notice the coats, and the way the officials hold their hands; there is no heat in that facility, and likely no indoor plumbing or central, permanent electricity.
And that back wall, layered with what looks like hemp insulation.
There is no fissionable material in that building.

North Korea launching nukes? sad saber rattling of a type indicating the increasingly fragile mind of their society.


The thing is, does Kim know there is no material there, or is it an elaborate lie from the technicians and their managers that are attempting to avoid getting in trouble while having no resources and having to show progress?


I’ve always enjoyed the idea of dear leader getting wheeled out of his closet
whenever the state needs a face and a leader-like pose.

Why should the insanity and suffering be limited to the peasants and soldiers?
Perhaps there is no tip of the ziggurat; perhaps they all have the same-haircut kind of crazy.


Looks to me like the back wall is camo netting, and that the photo was taken in a temporary HQ tent.


Duds happen. That’s why you have tests. Arguably, you learn more from failures than you do from successes.


Duds teach us a lot. That’s why you walk for them after every show.

eta - You can dissect dud shells to find out where they failed, if you’re not forced to throw them in the burn pile at the end of the show.


Well, at least food security doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. I mean, judging by the photo.


I agree that the building where that photo was taken looks like a real dive; but that doesn’t seem inconsistent with what it purports to be a picture of: it’s the classic “military leaders huddle around a map looking real strategic; but also hands-on enough to be commanding from a field-expedient location rather than phoning in orders from HQ” shot.

They definitely aren’t in a nuclear facility(at least not one up to any sane building code); but an action shot in some grimy bunker during a military drill? That seems fairly plausible. There is certainly no shortage of fairly similar shots in other countries’ military histories.

If that were supposed to be an R&D site or a production facility I’d be unimpressed, you just don’t do that sort of work without some actual infrastructure; but when you are doing a drill of what to do when it’s all packed up and ready for launch, not being able to do that from wherever the action is would be a problem.


North Korea plans to conduct nuclear warhead test “very very very very soon”


Could there be a way to make this nondestructive (portable xray tomography rig) or automated (robot with a waterjet cutter or a conventional blade, section, photograph)? Would allow debugging the failed shell without any degree of danger for the operator.


The Trinity test worked right the first time using 70 year old technology. The Norks have no excuses.


Its all a ploy to extort that sweet cash from South Korea and Japan.
Nice city you have there just south of the DMZ.

Wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, right?


They definitely aren’t in a nuclear facility(at least not one up to any sane building code)

A “Chernobyl” at North Korea’s Youngbyun facility seems far more likely than the possibility of thermonuclear weapons. That would be really really bad considering the proximity of major South Korean Cities, SouthWestern Japan, and Beijing.