Al-Qaeda volleyball rules


Honestly, how do you find this stuff?


This article was on reddit a few days ago, and I suppose a redditor just came across it on wikipedia.

Great, now every Muslim volleyball player in America is going to have some guy with a fake beard show up at the next game all “say brother, do you want to engage in jihad?”

I totally read that headline in a “San Dimas High School football rules” way.

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Am I alone in envisioning a Top Gun style volleyball montage of jihadists playing with Playin with the Boys in the background?


What I don’t understand is if Al-Qaeda is playing volleyball outside, wouldn’t they be spending a good amount of the game with their faces upturned toward the ball… and the lens of a Keyhole satellite? Maybe they only played on cloudy days.

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We are not there yet.

Wait! Volleyball isn’t unislamic? What if you do it to music?

Just don’t invite the girls and you’ll be fine.

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