Fatwa against one-way trip to Mars




“Protecting life against all possible dangers and keeping it safe is an issue agreed upon by all religions.

HAHA! That’s hilarious. Someone should tell the religions.

I’m surprised they don’t object to travel to Mars because it’s named after a pagan god.


You know, I wasn’t all that concerned about Muslims going to Mars.


So…Muslims aren’t allowed to participate in any extreme sports, I assume. Also, I would say that war is a much worse reason to die (plus, theoretically, you kill other people if you are doing it right) than going to Mars, but I am not aware of any blanket fatwahs against it (and other religions don’t seem to have much problem with it either, in principle)


What? No ‘Allah (the Exceedingly Merciful) In Spaaaace!’?

I guess it makes sense; if self destruction is prohibited in your rules and by laws…the manned Mars trip is out. As it is unquestionably a drawn out, colossally expensive (but oh so glorious) suicide mission.


What was Islam’s perspective on exploring the new world? Travel by sea wasn’t safe by a long shot and anyone who attempted it went in fully aware they might not make it back home. There was a huge risk of dying to sinking, malnutrition, or disease.

Granted the distinction is a bit different this time as the Mars thing is explicitly being sold as a one way trip, but dying is not the mission. Any dying that happens on a Mars mission is going to be unintentional.


Paging @cstross, Paging @cstross

would this change the narrative arc of accelerando in any meaningful way?


Correct. Of all the recent extreme sports feats out there, I suspect Felix Baumgartner’s sky dive is the only thing that could have gotten approval from Muslim clerics. If he were Muslim, he could justify it by pointing out that he was helping develop better escape mechanisms for the residents of the International Space Station. The rest of the Extreme Sports community, however, would not.

A bit moot. Muslims at the time did not live near much timber resources.


Twist: there is no risk because participants will never leave the film studio where the fake space capsule is set up.


Note that the reason this fatwa was issued is that some Muslim was interested enough in the Mars mission to ask abou it.

And if the state of the art advanced to allow for non-suicidal Mars missions, this fatwa would be revisited.


Are they aware that our journey to this Earth not only risks life, but in fact guarantees death?


How in the world do Muslims go to war? For that matter, suicide bombers must be hit with some heavy cognitive dissonance over their intentions.

Or is it like any other religion and people just ignore the parts that are too inconvenient?


But… but… http://www.amazon.com/Unreasoning-Mask-Overlook-Sf-Classics/dp/1585677159


I think most religions define (and redefine) “righteous” for the convenience of the human beings at the pinnacle of the particular religious power structure.


I see we’re all pretending that “Muslims” should be a monolithic hive mind who share all the same opinions on everything.


Oh I know, it’s totally bonkers to assume that a group of people bound by shared beliefs could think similarly.


To be fair, there are some sects who are dedicated to the idea of sanctitiy of life, like the Quakers, Mennonites and Ahmadiyya muslims.


Maybe not bonkers to assume that everyone who shares a religion could think similarly, if you’re just sitting at home. But if you meet a lot of religious people and still think they might all think similarly… yeah, a little bonkers.


Tell that to all the different factions of Christianity, even about something as basic as “does [insert rule from the OT here] apply to daily life today?” and see how far you get.


If you’re assuming that 1.6 billion people all consider themselves bound by 100% identical rules and proclamations–if you’re going “LOL, RESPECT FOR LIFE, WHAT ABOUT SUICIDE BOMBERS”–then yeah, that is pretty fucking stupid. Christianity includes both openly gay Episcopal priests and Fred Phelps. Hell, atheism includes both hardcore pacifists and Stalin.