Short a French teacher, high school uses Rosetta Stone software


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The real question, though is: Are the students learning [a] better, [b] equal to, or [c] worse, than if they’d had a “qualified instructor”?

Because if it’s “a” or “b”, then “stop looking for a new teacher”. Software is way cheaper than salary + benefits + pension


In Quebec?


I guess there will be a new skilled worker immigration category this year.

Oh, Québec.


You should see who they’ve got teaching geography.


Your use of scare quotes around “qualified instructor” indicates you have some doubts about the methods used to distinguish those with skill from those without skill. At the same time, your question as to whether the students are better or worse off is phrased in the form of a multiple choice exam. indicates that you believe that the methods used to distinguish the Francophone from the non Francophone are sound.

Please reconcile these differences forthwith!


I reckon motivated students could get pretty far with a combination of

  • Rosetta Stone,
  • Michel Thomas audio courses for grammar
  • for getting your writing corrected by native speakers.
  • Anki spaced repetition / flash card software for vocab.
  • The wonderful language learning book “Fluent Forever” by Gabriel Wyner.
  • A native speaker for any “how do you say” questions that come up.
  • Skype and some sort of penpal-finder system for talking to native speakers (admittedly parents might be concerned about their children talking to strangers on Skype, but parents could supervise.)

No teachers required :smile:


My use of QUOTES (not scare-quotes) around “qualified instructor” is quoting the original article (ie, using the exact terminology they were using to describe what they’d replace the software with).

As to your “francophone” statement, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

adj. et n. m. et f.
PrononciationLes o sont ouverts, [frɑ̃kɔfɔn]
1 Dont la langue maternelle ou d’usage est le français. La population francophone du Liban. | Un Ontarien francophone.
2 OĂč l’on parle le français. Les quartiers francophones de l’agglomĂ©ration montrĂ©alaise.
3 Relatif Ă  la francophonie, aux usages du français dans le monde. La poĂ©sie francophone. | «RĂ©servons les vocables de francophonie et de francophone Ă  la sphĂšre diplomatique et gĂ©opolitique, et prenons l’habitude de dire Ă©crivains de langue française»(Amin Maalouf, Le Monde).
nom masculin et féminin
Personne d’expression française. Il y a plus de cinq millions de francophones au QuĂ©bec.
Note Orthographique francophone.

For the anglophones

a person who speaks French.

Glad people caught on “Quebec” .

No, I know what a francophone is, I don’t know what you were trying to
get at with your statement. :slight_smile:

Not to be confused with the “frank-o-phone.”


We’re talking about a school in a province where 95% of people speak french. You could find a french teacher here by asking people on the street.


Are you implying the guy they put in charge of the search committee isn’t up to the task?


Because anyone who knows English is perfectly qualified to be an English teacher even though they may have no training or experience teaching?


I had the impression that studies had firmly established that Rosetta Stone is a poor tool for achieving fluency. Perhaps I am misremembering, and/or that is merely what language instructors (or at least peddlers of alternative language software) want others to believe.


I guess it’s better than nothing, although it’s hard to have puberty dreams about a box of software. Actually maybe this is the wrong crowd for this joke


Well, that’s what I was ultimately asking: What is the outcome of this unintentional experiment? is it yielding better or worse results than paying folks to stand in the front of the room and teach?

It should be easy to determine, by comparing their “standardized final tests” against other districts/other years.

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You could find a french teacher here by asking people on the street.

Not if you don’t speak French.


L’école normale supĂ©rieure dĂ©teste cette truc singuliĂšrement ingĂ©nieux