Learn a new language with Rosetta Stone for 38% off

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Or use Duolingo for free. I believe that Rosetta Stone gives you some time with a live instructor, but otherwise they’re basically the same.


I heap considerable abuse on the BB Store occasionally. Time to do the opposite.

I highly recommend Rosetta Stone, and this price is pretty darn good. It’s like anything else-- you have to want to learn, and be willing to do the work-- but it’s an excellent resource to start learning a language fast and relatively easily. I’ve used the Dutch and French flavors and they are both excellent. I wish there was a Flemish version.


Rosetta Stone is also available online for free in some library systems and most library system will have some type of online language programs.

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Duolingo is a great service but they have far fewer language options than Rosetta Stone.

ETA just noticed that the BB store Rosetta Stone offerings are weak sauce. Only English, Spanish, French, and Italian? Lame.

I don’t know.
Rosetta Stone seems to have pretty bad reviews from people who actually succeed at self-studying languages.


and many more…

According to their financial reports, Rosetta Stone spends at least four times as much money on sales and marketing as they do on developing language courses.

I’ll stick with Assimil + free materials for now, and, where available, courses with good teachers.


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