Shortest-known abstract for a serious scientific paper: only 2 words




In a similar vein from a law review - a one word article.


I still lost interest halfway through.


How cool!


Scientists have more fun in their literature than most people believe:


Amusing. But the Green Bag isn’t exactly a serious journal. (From what I know about it, it’s about as serious as the New Yorker.)


My friend’s paper on deep space detection of Higgs particles. Wait for it…


Did you see the new edit?

Blah, blah, blah neutrino, blah-blah?



“Probably not”? Sounds like he’s looking to overthrow Betteridge’s Law, or at least refine it. Hope he knows how vicious academia can be in defending the doctrine.


For sale: superluminal neutrinos. Never measured.


I’ll be!


Actually, I think this one is the shortest, by a longshot:


Here are some more fun abstracts:


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