ShotSpotter "wastes millions of taxpayer dollars" and doesn't even work, say critics

This same system was implemented in two Brazilian cities. At the time, the press praised the idea a lot, saying that the FBI used it and that the rates of violence dropped all over the United States after using the contraption.

Shortly after, this system was turned off because it was expensive, the maintenance was very expensive and It was constantly confusing fireworks with gunfire (unlike in other countries, Brazilians set off fireworks during football matches, baptisms, funerals, etc.)


Nice. Not all heroes wear capes.

Aha! It is the Brazilians setting of fireworks around here! Just kidding. But people do set off fireworks after big sports games. Probably not as much as other countries, but after a big Chiefs win, for example, I will definitely hear and some time see some fire works set off.

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Not all Brazilians can do it properly…


Sadly, as I’m sure @beschizza is aware, my city (Pittsburgh) uses this tech. And claims it works-


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