147-mph biker chase demonstrates latest aerial surveillance tech

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One moment. Just thinking a crazy thought here. Isn’t using means like this to stop someone who is clearly breaking the law and poses a danger to those around him what we want the police to do?

There is no “freedom” to ride at 147mph. There is no autobahn in the US.


That’s impressive. Anyone have a link to where folks are discussing the tech in more detail?

Eh - is it really that impressive? Didn’t google glass do this? My phone knows where I am and can show me street names from a flat point of view. This seems like just a step up from that mapping software.


America I guess. Pretty sure 45 and the TGOP are already looking at way to use this tech to make us “safe”

I feel safer already.


When we start seeing the police use tech like this to track down a 9 yr old who stole a pack of gum. Then I’ll be onboard with the sarcasm and derision. Until then though using it to get this flipping maniac off the streets I’m completely ok with.


It does seem an awful lot like the drone footage we were getting from Iraq a couple years ago. The only thing missing was the expanding blob of light and smoke at the end of each of those. But better this than a convoy of cop cars careening down the highways and surface roads, imperiling anyone who might be unfortunate enough to be in their way.

And stuff like this, and the Cops and the Police Chase television shows a couple years back are a not-so-subtle way that the police convey to the public the message that no matter what, you will be caught.


This is technology on a par with Google Maps! Why it can probably even reroute if you make a wrong turn! …in your… helicopter.

It still doesn’t entitle you to call yourself “Smoky Three.”


And, having seen the wreckage of a Porsche that overtook me at around 140mph only to go straight into a fog bank and up the back of a truck, just as well.
Though he wouldn’t have had time to feel anything before his head was splashed over the back of the truck, there is that. I felt sorry for the truck driver.


What I find impressive in this is that they were able to do the arrest without many police cars chasing them through residential streets. Admittedly, it’s a little creepy to see the drone warfare techniques in Washington.

Police don’t want to let someone go if they run. Having a method to capture them without causing collateral damage is a good thing. What worries me is how they will use it next.


Your comfort with my sarcasm is my first priority.


Ha! The company that made this also has a phone version similar to Google Maps – they actually beat Google to the iphone by six months and it took longer for Google to reach feature parity. But licensing the maps costs real money - money Google can eat, but a startup can’t.

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“On Independence Day, one American decided to exercise his freedom illegally race off after being pulled over for speeding, then run his bike up to two and half times the speed limit, recklessly endangering himself and everyone around him, and trespass on private property in an attempt to evade police.”



I am not sure how this connects to “drone technology”, except in the sense that aviation is involved. I do like the mapping overlay.


That’s impressive. I wonder if this could be coupled with some AI and have it predict possible paths, dispatching units automatically. The pilot is still relaying a lot of information to humans.


I believe this is was they were using:


Interesting tech that is making it’s way into the creative world via products like Apple’s ARKit.

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I don’t think that is why we are interested here. We are interested because the abuse of such tools sometime in the future seems inevitable.


I would think that the goal would be to prevent injuries or property damage, including discouraging future chases. If people believe that running will be unsuccessful as well as increasing the penalties, those with some sense will not try it.

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It’s from Churchill Navigation - it’s been out for about 10 years now.