Should I use an algorithm here? EFF's 5-point checklist


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But everything is an algorithm, including this article. Even if you bake a cake, throwing away the cookbook and just dumping in whatever is still an algorithm.

The trouble with machine algorithms is the illusion of objectivity. We’ve been making fun of that idea since the 1940s, but we keep dressing it up in new buzzwords.


Your list is too long. You should borrow this one. It has all the arguments and counter-arguments you might need.


I’d bet more humans harbour an inherent distrust in machines rather than an inherent trust in them. But this is a bias that appears in groups of humans that have been selected to have this bias. And that group includes pretty much everyone who is in a position to decide whether to use machine learning algorithms to solve problems.

This isn’t an issue with human nature, it’s an issue of an insular hiring and promoting bubble that weeds out naysayers.


What is “objective and inherently trustworthy” ? This is an existential matter.


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