Showing the rings of Saturn to Bronx street sex workers



Ah, this is great. Humanizing street sex workers might garner more needed empathy and compassion. It’s like taking at-risk kids out of their element and somewhere beautiful (out camping, hiking, etc.) which is usually a mutually rewarding and enlightening experience for everyone involved.


Wonderful! This begs for a mention of a movie produced by the inventor of the Dobsonian telescope mount.

It is always so much fun and so rewarding to show people the wonders of the universe, with their own eye. I’m so impressed that they got a good view when it wasn’t even fully dark yet. :smiley: Made my day.

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I bet he got some funny looks when he asked them if they wanted to see his telescope.


I just got home from a sidewalk astronomy session in a pedestrian-friendly shopping district near home, and I saw this. Call me Mario, because I’ve been seriously 1-upped.


Queue Uranus jokes.

It is great to see that there really is a world outside of your neighborhood, your city.


I followed the jump to his Flickr feed last night and found myself unable to turn away at all of these human beings being shown as–well–human beings. (Consequently I am exhausted this morning.) This is amazing work. Thank you for sharing it.


This posting reminded me of one of my favorite podcasts from the ‘365 Days of Astronomy’ site. They cover a wide range of topics about astronomy and this particular one was just a short presentation about how the simple act of one guy looking up at the night sky in a Nashville parking lot was a catalyst to bring a disparate group of people together.
The podcast and its transcript are still available here:
Notes from a parking lot 9-21-2009


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