Shut in Sounds: The Tossers—No Loot, No Booze, No Fun

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Do what I do, spend booze money on Boba Fetts off of collectors groups, ebay, Amazon, and EntertainmentEarth…com.

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Just have to say to a “boozy Irish band”: thanks for the fiddle and the masculine drunkenness, that is a great wife beating anthem you got right there!! Oh and the cutting in of black kids and ethnicity at the end of the video clip was really sweet.

Would love to think what Shane MacGowan would have thought of this cynical exploitation of music and country.

Wouldn’t want to use his… Shanes voice - fuck off - or use the Irish vernacular - fuck off - or state a strong opinion - fuck off - or cause any offense - fuck off - what so ever - fuck off - stop me mother - fuck off - maybe I need help - fuck off - making a thought come out - fuck off - expletives may be deleted - fuck off

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