Irish storyteller cleans up his act after kid reads him the riot act

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Such a command of the audience. So talented. The musician’s pretty good too.


@SeamusBellamy The Bowlderization of the joke was lovely, but pulling a wicked EDM-style beat drop with acoustic instruments, a smooth transition between spoken word and singing, and solicited crowd ululation was amazeballs.


Didn’t know there were Trustafarians in Ireland.

Thank you for this…I needed this to jump start my day.

Self-censoring his language only to launch into a song about being “covered in shite” was hilarious to me. (Then again, is “shite” offensive to Irish kids these days? Or is it one of those words that’s become acceptable over time?)


Well, it’s not at the same level of the f-bomb, everyone knows that. :slight_smile:

What a fun video, seems like he and his band would be really wild to see in person!

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wow I want to see that act, like now!

That was fun!

The bad f-word?


Of course one of the children that admonished him was seen mouthing “he said fuck!”

@capnjimbo , I wouldn’t expect kids to bat an eye over shite. The word ‘bastard’ could be more shocking, funnily enough.

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