ShutUp10 makes using Windows 10 a whole lot more pleasant

The users are idiots. An individual user might not be but as a collective they are. Also 2000 is not a good sample size and is probably self selecting.

Self selecting? No, the survey was open to anyone but she did target people who have to deal with the headache that has become windows patching. No, it’s not a scientific survey which she freely admits here but she wanted evidence to support her argument, put the work in and microsoft still fobbed her off with corporate doublespeak as if she was a newbie and not someone with over two decades of professional windows experience.

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Nice one, thanks

I saw the Surface Go coming and also noted that the lower-end Surface Pro with an i5 (so, fanless) with the same memory and SSD as his, but with that gorgeous screen and a bundled type cover was on sale for $699 at Micro Center. I had to go for it, and it’s a very sweet piece of hardware.

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