Sign the open letter: European businesses concerned about US changes to net neutrality

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Net Neutrality needs a catchier name to start with, then folks will get interested. Try Net Death, it’s got a bit more of a ring to it


Open letter by internet users to some anonymous thingy deciding about technical stuff.

I can see why we can’t have nice things, here.

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Be very careful with services like this. I have heard horror stories of domains being held for ransom by proxy-owners. Privacy comes at a cost in virtually all areas of life. I would strongly recommend private WHO IS before going with a service like this.

Besides, if you ever have a legal issue with your name… they will be the one in control of your dog fight, not you. And as someone who has spent millions on domains like, I can tell you this is not a good position to be in if you are not the party in charge of your domain.

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