Civil society groups protest the sale of .ORG to a private equity fund and a collection of Republican billionaires

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Of all the things I considered sacrosanct this was one of them I really didn’t think anyone would ever screw with.

There has to be a fucking line somewhere and trying to make a buck over this rather handing off the ability to neuter this extension and anything under it from a conglomeration of non-neutral parties and Republicans none the less, this is bullshit. World level bullshit.

This is a level beyond net neutrality repeal- this affects every Internet site in the world using this extension.

This will give a bunch of Republican assholes the ability to revoke the status of my hackerspace’s domain name, if they don’t like the fact that we are an anarchist hackerspace. This might directly affect me and people I give a damn about, as a non profit.

Is there nothing neutral left on the internet?


No there isn’t. Money makes the world go round :frowning:

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The anomaly isn’t that Internet is getting more commercial but that it could work as idealistically as it did for so many years. The French Minitel system where one operator decided what you could see would have been a more expected outcome.

I hope the people running this have good security, because they will attract a whole bunch of hackers doing their best to make life hell for them.

Oligarchs to Trump: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this!”


I signed. I urge everyone reading this to sign.


This deal is extraordinarily corrupt even by the standards of the domain name registry racket and ICANN, which is already pretty damn corrupt. I don’t understand how it can even be legal to convert a non-profit organization into a for-profit corporation.

If we had a DOJ or FTC that wasn’t corrupt or gutted, we could be calling for an investigation into this, but that’s not going to happen under this presidency, and I wonder if that’s why they’re trying to ram it through like this, before any chance of watchdog agencies being reconstituted under a new administration.


Hi all, in case the whole background is TLDR – I did a podcast explainer on the sale and the background of these organizations. George Wiener at Whole Whale is a solid interviewer!

Hey Clifton, The Internet Society that sold .ORG, per their announcement. I’m getting reports that it was basically sprung on almost everyone. The leadership of ISOC and PIR were apparently surprised anyone thought it was a big deal.


This will be good for everyone!


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