Private equity company acquires .org domain registry

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“say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, at least it’s an ethos.”

O shit, got beat to the reference by @beschizza


They have the best intentions [Private equity company], I’m sure.


With a name like Ethos Capital I have no doubt they’ll be figuring out the DNS equivalent of a fiery bust-out very quickly.


Ethos Capital? LOL. I love how stupid people think we are.


Perhaps it is time to re-root the internet…


Well, that’s two nonprofit domains I’ll need to re-home. What’s my best option among the new TLD’s for something that conveys approximately the same meaning as .org, but isn’t likely to enter a price-gouging spiral in the immediate future?


Revolution. That is the only way to be safe.




Presumably this is entirely by consensus. If enough parties decide that this is not acceptable, they can just refuse to use that registry and use a different one. Am i missing something?

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If it were not for the huge chaos that would result in having multiple DNS systems in play at the same time, it is the possibility that I am referencing.

I think it is fear of this chaos that is keeping people from seriously considering this; I wouldn’t exactly call that fear “consensus”…


I’m hoping someone here can clarify the double whammy, because this is not my area of expertise.

Whammy 1) Restrictions on .org domain pricing. -I guess I was unaware it was restricted before; should I expect that in our predatory corporate world I’ll have to cough up the equivalent of inflated insulin to keep my domain?

Whammy 2) Like heng, I wonder how this works. Before, I could buy/renew my domain through Blue Host or GoDaddy whatever for like eleven bucks. Do these Ethos guys take that over? Or are they above the hosting services/domain registrars. like wholesalers and they cvan npoew raise tyhe wholesale price? (I said this was not my area)

And a new Whammy 3) If this can happen to .org which was initially set up to denote non-profits and the like, what prevents this greedy evil (if that is what it is) from happening to whatever extension we all go to? I.e., is nothing safe from parasitic market forces?


Exactly. You got this. Welcome to the future that Reagan helped build.


It’s increasingly obvious that we cannot afford capitalism


My understanding is it is as you say with the hosting companies reselling registration from one of a handful of core “top level domain” registrars that handle everything for one or more TLD’s. Public Interest Registry is the sole registrar responsible for everything under the .org TLD.


Wait, am I going to lose my 30 year email address, which although it was sold to Earthlink, I call a vanity plate in cyberspace because it is Who remembers IGC?

blah blah secure its future through more stable, diversified and sustainable financial resources than it has at present, allowing the organization to plan for the long term and advance its vision of an Internet for everyone on an even broader scale blah blah blah


If you qualify, you could try .NGO, though that’s also owned by PIR and its new Private Equity Group.

More background in a moment.

Some out-of-date background:

.ORG hasn’t actually been restricted to nonprofits since 1999 (nor has .NET been restricted to internet infrastructure), and in 2015, Public Interest Registry (the nonprofit that was just acquired by “Ethos”) introduced .NGO (bundled with .ONG), which is restricted to actual NGOs. in 2014 I worked on an automated credential verification system for .NGO (I worked for Afilias, the registry services provider for PIR at the time; I left before .NGO was actually launched); the thinking was less “stick it to the real charities” and more “nobody has any trust in .org anymore anyway, so let’s build something that actually has meaning again.”

I don’t know which if any of the systems I worked on were adopted, and I haven’t personally tried to register a .NGO domain.

I’m not endorsing this purchase, or the change ICANN approved in the charter for .ORG, or even the use of .NGO, but there is some background.

2 Likes,,,, not available.,, are all available.

so is which would be a great domain for the protests.

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