ICANN board votes to reject .org registry sale to private equity firm Ethos Capital

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Good news! Oh, God, do we need some good news! A sweet sip of water in a parched desert it is. Yay!


It’s a little hard to follow, unless you’re used to reading legalese – so here are some tweets

…all of which say pretty much what the headline and story say and in no way substitute for any hard-to-read legalese.

And all those tweets were pretty hard to read, too, as in ‘hard on the eyes’.

Still, good news bears repeating, I guess.

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Thank you all, activists.


Good news is good news, but I look forward to the day where good news is once again that something good happened and not just that something bad didn’t happen.




ICANN finally halts $1.1bn sale of .org registry, says it’s ‘the right thing to do’ after months of controversy

Insiders suspect that the only reason ICANN finally acted to deny the sale is because the organization is more scared of the California Attorney General than Ethos Capital. The Attorney General has the power to subpoena internal documents, and so he is in a position to expose what some say has been decades of mismanagement at an organization that has a monopoly of the internet’s naming and addressing systems.


This. :point_up:

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How could a corporation even hypothetically do this in the first place?

It sounds like the scheme to “take Detroit private” from Robocop.


This is a horrible development for me. This decision revives my hope that God, justice, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny actually exist, and hope is very painful.

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