We need to save .ORG from arbitrary censorship by halting the private equity buy-out

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Halt it? Didn’t it already happen?

This was written as if the sale has already occurred:


Part of the plan involves going back in time.


I’m from the past, how can I help you?


Action? Can you show me one single (seriously, all you need to do is find one) case where an online petition had any measurable impact during a Republican administration?

Apart from email harvesting for fundraising drives, this is the liberal version of “thoughts and prayers”.


First, the .ORG TLD has a unique meaning. A new NGO website or project may be able to use a different top-level domain, but none carries the same message. A domain name ending in .ORG is the key signifier of non-commercial, public-minded organizations on the Internet.

I had no fucking idea this was supposed to be a thing; it signifies precisely nothing as far as I’m concerned. I’d be amazed if even one person in twenty associates any particular significance with a .ORG domain name.


AKA ‘slacktivism’.

I don’t sign petitions.

Good point. Some time in the 00s, I was convinced to buy the .org version of my site’s domain name (I didn’t renew it). I’m an individual rather than an organisation, the site is non-commercial (though could be ad-supported if I was so inclined), and I’m not overly public-minded. There was no verification process.

I’ve just checked; I could easily buy the .co.uk, .com, .biz and .org variants of a given domain name. ‘Dot org’ isn’t something one needs to qualify for.


This is a fait accompli, isn’t it? I thought I read on Re/Code this morning that the deal is done.

Not that the sale has happened crimes involved in the sale and transfer can be prosecuted. Self-dealing has been alleged and that in particular could be enough to undo the sale.


…Changing from .ORG to a .INFO or .US domain, …

Of course I think of .US as implying “local government” rather than non-profit.
eg …NY.US would imply part of the New York state government. TLDs seem to have little meaning anymore, except to encourage companies to buy ever more addresses to protect their image. Says the old guy yelling “GET OFF MY INTERNET!” into the void.

Actually, I have some lottery numbers that can help us both.

Also, something something .org something must be stopped.


“Even though DNS is essential infrastructure and its implementors should be considered utilities with both the responsibilities and the protections of common carriers, we should to pressure registrars into not carrying the 8chan domain, because fuck those guys.”

right-wing private equity company buys the .org TLD registrar

“Me am play gods!”

I know, it’s so easy to conflate these two scenarios, as though they were seriously alike in any manner or form.

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I have a list of infants that need to be…hang on, Discourse has a character limit, I’ll have to add an attachment.

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