Significant layoffs on DailyKos

Next to BoingBoing and a few other sites, DailyKos has been my go-to for progressive news opinions. Something disturbingly huffington post meets twitter muskoid is hitting DailyKos. It looks like a large lay-off of both their paid for staff and volunteer contributor access. Folks have been speculating a helluva lot that something something profit taking is in the works. It feels… not good. These days we really need voices like DailyKos has been to get stronger and more plentiful and not the reverse.

There isn’t clear evidence yet, but one solid piece is that their faithful court reporter @Brandi_Buchman (e.g. The Proud Boys case) has just been given the axe:

Here’s hoping that proper coverage of this situation can be taken up by someone more in-the-loop


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