Sikh Man Beaten For Looking Muslim

That is one brave dude.
I heard they had so much trouble in throwing him out because of the massive weight of his giant balls.

I’d like to see more of that directed at the Republican rallies, but I guess I’d also like to be assured that the people who were doing it were either really tough, or wearing some kind of body armour… maybe a head guard. Because if there’s one thing you can count on from zombies, it’s that they’ll try and take a chunk out of you.


You could say I’m quite Blessed.


I Set’em up, you knock’em down.

(I loved your piece, and I agree that @jlw and @beschizza should consider you for a guest writer)


Looking at the wiki, I think you’re still partially confused. He’s from Zanzibar originally, but did move to India. Since he was Parsi, I think that means he might also qualify as (perhaps distantly) ethnically Persian, although there is some ambiguity about this point and is probably not worth the bother of pursuing.

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I guess I’d say what did he/his family consider themselves and leave it at that. The Parsi did come over to India from Persia, but it was like in the 10 century or something like that. So, yeah… identity is a pain in the arse! :wink:


Seconded. Loved reading your shared perspective, more enlightening than some of the stuff I read from staff at The Guardian.


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