Pennsylvania man beats wife with meat


There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere but I ain’t going digging for it.

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That’s very near where I grew up. Oh, western PA, how I’ve missed you. But if he wanted to hit the trifecta, he should have beaten his wife with meat while wearing some kind of Confederate flag T-shirt or other paraphernalia. (You might be surprised about how much confusion there is in rural PA about precisely where the Mason-Dixon line is. But then again, it’s probably more about savoring the racism than any issues of geographical pride.)

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I danced near the edge of the joke precipice, but did not fall through.

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we don’t have pix. it’s entirely possible he was wearing some kind of white pride t-shirt while doing this.

Reminds me of one of Roald Dahl’s twisted little stories. “Lamb to the Slaughter”, if memory serves, wherein a woman clubs her husband to death with a frozen lamb leg and then cooks the murder weapon and serves it to the investigating policeman.

It was also a classic episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I didn’t know it was a Roald Dahl story, but that’s pretty cool.

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I’m a recovering social worker. Years ago I responded to an Adult Protective Services call in which a man was beating his wife…with his prosthetic leg.

running away like a scared little bitch when the cops were called

That’s an archaic, misandrous and homophobic statement.

Agreed. Kind of startled me to see it in an article, not as a quote from some troglodyte.

Actually, briefly, I thought it was from the AP article text, and that really threw me off.

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YM misogynistic HTH. If comparing a man to a woman is a way to insult him, the slur is on women.

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I’m trying to figure out how one makes a joke out of a woman getting beaten. I think you fell off the cliff.

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clearly he was glad to meat her …

“The 51 year old man was drunk.”
No …
“The 51 year old gentleman was drunk.”

There, I fixed it for you.

I am terrible at image editing.

If there is pain involved with beating your meat you may be doing it wrong.

I appreciate that buried lede :smiley:

A bitch is a dog, not a woman. Automatically associating the two is both misogynist and miscaninist.

However, I’m not aware that small female dogs are more cowardly than small male dogs. If anything, small dogs tend to overestimate their powers regardless of sex.

(I think using slurs in this way is usually designed to sting the subject, not to denigrate the group the slur refers to. For instance, if you want to piss off a fratbrodude you might call him a faggot, not because there’s anything wrong with being gay, but because he thinks there is. I’m not saying it’s good behavior, just trying to contextualize it.)

Maybe he misunderstood what tender love is.

“scared little bitch?” I’m disappointed. If we don’t stop perpetuating negative views of women, how do we expect men to? And I know people think language like this doesn’t matter. It’s in the public lexicon. It’s just a phrase with no victim at this point. But please remember that every time it’s said, there is the possibility that a young person is reading/hearing it for the first time. They have to read/hear it somewhere first, right? Could be this article. Whether its a young man learning how to treat others, or a young women realizing what society thinks of her gender. Either way, I wouldn’t want to contribute to that. I hope boingboing doesn’t either.

Also, as a vegetarian, I do not condone the beating of anyone with meat. But there’s no politics behind that opinion. Just …ewww.