Woman arrested for roughing up farting husband


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$10 "bean to bar" chocolates were made from melted down Valrhona

Yes, ’n’ how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?


A plate of moules mariniere can put me in serious jeapordy to be fair. I have actually been hit after eating seafood. Worth it though.


Submitted for your consideration.



Roger That!



Considering I have left the bedroom cause I was making some really noxious gas, and have left the bedroom because MrsTobinL was doing same… There is obviously a saner solution than kicking and scratching.




Mine are more like Luc Besson movie.


Run out of things to sell, Boing Boing?


They’ve decided that they’d rather celebrate the comic possibilities of domestic violence.

Ick. I think I’d rather have the (fundamentally fraudulent) advertorial, actually.


It’s okay. A woman was abusing a man. That’s always hilarious.

Cf: Punch and Judy.


We’ll let you two out of the cell next week, after you’ve each finished half of this kim-chi.


Humblebrag about your kimchi making?


No, it is a random internyet photo. But I have made kimchi before quite a few times.

It’s more a conceptualization of incarceration as culinary/performance art.


Given that the palette seems to be black-cold white-hot, the released gas is cold. Also, gases don’t emit much, so it seems to be an aerosol, with cold particles. In other word, a puff of a spray.


She smelt it, and then she dealt it out.


Mrs. Old farts in her sleep.

Good gal, she is.