Flatulence in Florida foments fist fight


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Flatulence in Florida foments fist fight

Frickin’ funny!


Floridian fart-fracas found funny! :laughing:


This is the problem with Stand Your Ground laws. If he had cropdusted none of this would have happened.


Came for good fart jokes. Leaving disappointed.



Came expecting disappointment. Leaving flatulent.


You wanna know how to start a fight? You fart. They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He
sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.
That’s the Florida way!


And that’s when you hit the Klingons?


…his girlfriend Sandra Stoner…



He who smelt it, dealt out an an ass-kicking.


How could you not get gas in a place with that name?


For there to be good fart jokes, don’t there have to be “good farts”?

Do those exist?

(Oh, “The Good Farts” . . . I smell a new band name.)


Is this OK?


Actually, no, there don’t have to be.

The well-placed hyphen is your friend. You should get to know it! :wink:


This is making me gassy.


Works for me, thanks. I smirked. Which is a good start!


Didn’t read any further than Sandra Stoner’s name. I bet she was chill.


What – no Florida female?