Woman arrested for roughing up farting husband



Nobody remembered this one yet?


Florida, Texas! Please stop this competition! When you both race towards the bottom, nobody wins.


Is it always acceptable (and humorous) to beat up somebody posting a link to tvtropes!?


I smell an opportunity to name new legislation.

Windy misdemeanor?
Felonious flatulence?
Gas attack?
Act of smell?
Grand waft burrito?
@albill enema?
False detoiletment?

I love the smell of hydrogen sulfide in the morning!

ETA: Felonious funk! (Can’t believe I overlooked that one.)


Absolutely not!


Oh, there’s no competition. Florida maintains a firm lead :grinning:



I read this story more as a reinforcement of Florida stereotypes (low class people being criminally ridiculous) than any approval of either person’s actions. A mugshot to shame her would be appropriate at this point, except that this would reinforce the wrong stereotype.


Now you’ve got me searching for a Beano link.


LOVE that movie!


I’ve been working on my car so much recently that when I saw that clip of black exhaust I immediately thought “That guy has problems with his fuel injectors.”

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