Police investigate man who delivered "revenge fart" after denied sex


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There are less extreme solutions, you know. Then again, I remember the lady who dialed 911 because her Whopper didn’t have cheese.


TIL: there is now also a Swedish Oven.


I’d be super pissed if it happened to me, but I wouldn’t call the cops.
Seems to me it would be a funny story to tell people after the fact.

So I said no, and then the jackass let out this ridiculous fart and my place smelled super heinous for three days! It smelled like something crawled up that guy’s butt and died! Thank gawd I didn’t sleep with him - can you imagine?


I recall “fart” being used among old Swedes to call someone slow/dumb/bumpkin, so it also works that way…



Hey—hey, hey: Assault with a silent-but-deadly weapon. Amirite?


Where I come from that’s how we say “I love you”.


Cards against humanity:


Well, that stinks.


Being denied satisfaction of his urges, he really didn’t give a farthing.


That’s not how you woo someone.


I’m coming up so you better get this fart departed.


my grandparents had exactly this thing as decoration in the bathroom

(when the butt hums, the heart is well)


Unless sex is very different in Sweden, saying yes wouldn’t have avoided the release. At least this way he was wearing pants.


“Mind if I smoke?”

“No! Mind if I fart?..After sex I really have the urge to ‘light one up’”


That right there is a 360 Noscope headshot.

Good job.


When questioned by police the man said:
“I don’t know what her problem is, it smelled good to me!”


Did his father smell of elderberries?


I’m thinking now it means you should have a colonoscopy?